CNYTEC Co., Ltd is a company that develops, researches, and produces BLACKBOX for vehicles (called Dashcam, Car DVR, Driving Recorder, etc. in the Anglosphere). We possess 1-channel, 2-channel, 3-channel, and multi-channel dashcams in our inventory, and we are currently distributing them in Korea Also, CNYTEC Co., Ltd. is developing a dashcam in the Fleet Management System. this FMS product sends a vehicle's video and its driving data in real time to a server, which allows a manager to check the vehicle's condition. if needed, and based on the vehicle's real-time footage, the manager can talk to the driver of the vehicle and are able to communicate via a cellphone. Our company consists of a group of experienced experts who have developed and sold dashcams for many years. We aim to develop a highly reliable and a distinctive dashcam and supply them to the public. If you are thinking of distributing our completed products or planning an OEM/ODM, CNYTEC will be your best choice.